Our Story

I designed Carpe Noctem for the free spirits who live a full throttle lifestyle on the road. I'm a traveling gypsy; an unceasing wanderlust desire nags at my heart. Bali has lassoed me in for now, but I could spend a lifetime exploring Indonesia by motorbike. The road is my home, and I expect the fashion I wear to withstand the tread-marks of my travels. Together with two brothers from Bali, Indonesia I bring you Carpe Noctem - made with sustainably sourced lambskin leather and lots of love. To seize the night is also to embrace the shadow side of our persona, let the wild side out to play and dance under the moonlight!


Carpe Noctem (v.): Latin; Seize the Night

Embracing the shadow cast by every light 

 What is OUR essence? Looking through a Hindu and Tantric lens of philosophy that is prevalent in Bali, I've learned to dance with my shadow. The shadow side of our ego is everything in us that has been repressed - not allowed to express itself for fear of not being accepted. But no, we are whole. We are beautiful in our imperfections and invincible once we accept our shadow side. 

Carpe Noctem, most importantly, invokes a sense of being invincible to the wearer. I am compelled to make clothes that last through both the ecstatic highs of life -- where you are flying by the seat of your pants -- and also those lows, were you feel like you are being dragged through the dirt. This lifestyle brand was born out of a desire to be more comfortable in my own skin, and invite others to be more comfortable expressing themselves in this second skin.
Let your shadow side out to dance under the moonlight, embrace the sunrise, and salute the sun!

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