Why wear Bamboo Cotton?

We are waking up. As a culture, we are becoming more conscious about what we put in to our bodies; GMO labeling, organic foods, buying local, reading ingredients.  We've educated ourselves about how our food is being processed and are understanding the rebounding health effects. 

Most of us know our skin is our largest organ, but we may not be conscious of the toxicity in the cottons we wrap ourselves in. Cotton farming in India consumes 44.5% of the world's pesticides. Cotton is also a very thirsty crop, requiring excessive resources to grow. The process of making cotton, which is a naturally prickly fibre, into the smooth textiles you buy, requires MORE toxic chemical treatment processes.

So we turn back to Mother Nature for more sustainable answers - Bamboo! 

  • Easily Renewable - Grows 5ft+ per year
  • Water Smart - Requires 1/3 the amount of water that cotton does to grow
  • No Pesticides - Has no natural pests therefore requires no toxic treatment
  • Allergen Free - Natural and organic
  • Feels like cashmere - Bamboo fibre is naturally round and smooth without chemicals
  • Antibacterial - Antimicrobial bio-agent called Bamboo Kun - helps to reduce bacteria that thrive in clothing and on human skin (cotton does not have anything like this).
  • Antifungal - Thanks to Bamboo Kun
  • Odor-resistant - Absorbes water, like the plant, then eliminates odor with the antibacterial bio-agent described above.
  • Natural Moisture Wicking Properties - Sustainable and durable for an active lifestyle
  • Natural Insulation - Bamboo fibre has insulating properties
  • Go Green - Your karma is your dollar.

So what are you going to do with this information? Consider how your buying power this Holiday season can effect the environment around you and put your money towards a green (and blue) future!

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